Optimal and reliable scheme for professional fund managers

Account management system (MAM)& The percentage distribution management system (pamm) opens up an additional source of income for account managers. MT5 mam software allows traders to connect their MT5 account with the main trading account, and copy transactions according to their own trading strategies with the parameters of number of hands, available margin, percentage, balance or net value.

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                Mam software provides seamless integration of transaction accounts and can automatically execute transactions based on flexible parameter configuration.



                Pamm allows traders to connect their MT5 account to the main trading account or the fund manager's account trading on their behalf.

Mam advantages& Solution

Multiple accounts can be managed and traded at the same time, such as professional traders who manage accounts.

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  • Browse order execution for several groups of accounts, such as open positions, balances, and margin levels.

  • Mam solution provides a multifunctional solution with user-friendly interface, including the following functions:

  • The server-side plug-in provides immediate order execution, agent control and simple server update

  • The transaction parameters of the client software application can be adjusted

  • There is no limit to the number of trading accounts

  • Batch orders are executed on the master account using the straight through trading program (STP) and immediately allocated to sub accounts

  • Three allocation methods: number of transactions – percentage – proportion

  • Trading – standard, small and micro hand accounts get the best distribution advantage

  • The master account can execute the order of "group order"

  • Master account executable part order closing

  • Complete stop loss, stop profit and hanging order trading functions

  • Allow the intelligent trading system (EA) to operate and manage the transactions of the account from the client

  • Allow trading station signals to trade on MT5 platform (independent module)

  • Each sub account has an output report

  • There is a market quotation window in mam

  • Mam's on-site order management monitoring, including income statement

  • Application conditions: there are at least 3 customers in the same group, the amount of each transaction is more than $5000, and the transaction handling fee is 0.1pips per transaction

Pamm account

The percentage allocation management model (pamm) allows customers to designate professional traders and fund managers.

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Through the pamm solution, professional traders and fund managers can manage multiple accounts through one trading platform, distribute the trading results (trading, profit and loss) among the managed accounts in proportion according to the deposit amount of each account.

In order to be able to manage a client's account, the fund manager must sign a power of attorney (POA) with the account owner. In the POA power of attorney, the fund manager and the client must agree on the fee and profit sharing structure.

Fund manager

MT5 multi terminal is a software designed by metaquotes, which allows traders to manage multiple real or simulated accounts of MT5.

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Multi account management system (MAM) - is a more advanced software designed by a third-party company. Compared with MT multi terminal, mam software provides more functions and distribution methods, which are mostly used by professional fund managers. Mam is only used for allocation method setting, and all transactions will be conducted on the master account in MT5 terminal. Therefore, fund managers can use all the advantages of MT5 platform, such as ea, charts, indicators, etc. We charge an additional 0.1pips fee as the mam usage fee, because the software is not free, we need to pay the license fee.


MetaTrader 5 multi terminal is designed for account managers and traders who use multiple accounts at the same time.

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MT multi terminal provides all MT5 functions (order placing and modification, partial or full position closing, receiving brokerage emails and news updates), and has a familiar MT5 interface.

The difference between MT multi terminal and MT5 is the ability to manage multiple accounts at the same time. MT multi terminal provides you with the function of cross account allocation of order quantity, so as to order the transaction volume required for each order. The allocation method can select the average allocation of order quantity or let the program automatically allocate the order quantity according to the capital proportion.

MT multi terminal provides security for investors, because all managers' operations are processed on the investors' accounts, which makes it easy for investors to control the managers' operations. Advanced security technology ensures confidentiality.

MT multi terminal is a simple multi-functional product. Even the most inexperienced users can quickly and easily start using it, use MT5 for market analysis and use MT multi terminal to operate transactions.

MT multi terminal does not support running intelligent transaction system (EA) for transaction.
MT multi terminal has no chart function.
Since the transaction distribution is carried out directly from the client, MT multi terminals may cause execution delay.
When logging in with the customer's investor password, the fund manager can use MT multi terminal as background management to view the customer's account status.
Application conditions: at least 3 customer accounts with a total deposit of more than $10000. Customers who trade "micro hands" cannot be in the same group as customers who trade "standard hands".

What is a mam account?

The multi account management system (MAM) is designed for fund managers who seek greater flexibility in allocating transactions on a single master account. With this tool, fund managers can quickly execute large orders directly under a master account.

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Compared with pamm, which allocates transaction volume according to fund proportion, mam account gives fund managers greater flexibility in allocating transactions. This flexibility is such a popular feature of MAM accounts because fund managers prefer to use a master account for transactions in the foreign exchange market.

Compared with pamm, which allocates transaction volume according to fund proportion, mam account gives fund managers greater flexibility in allocating transactions. This flexibility is such a popular feature of MAM accounts because fund managers prefer to use a master account for transactions in the foreign exchange market.

Who benefits from mam account

If you are a trader managing multiple accounts, it is recommended to use the MAM system. Especially if you place an order with eas, we recommend you use mam because you need more flexibility in managing different accounts. By using mam, you can extend the functionality of the MT5 platform.

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Mam is an additional program of MT5 and is a fully integrated program. You do not need multiple MT5 interfaces because you can control multiple sub accounts from one master account. This simple function enables fund managers to better control their transactions from an interface.

Each account you manage can place orders from one MT5 client. Through centralized processing and a server based system, you can place orders for hundreds of different accounts at the same time without delay between each transaction. This ensures that the consistent speed of placing orders between management accounts is effective.

It is worth noting that, like any foreign exchange transaction, the risk of foreign exchange transaction through mam is also very high. Please take this into account before participating.

What is a pamm account?

The percentage allocation management model (pamm) account is a solution for investment customers who want to have a separate trading account under a fund manager. First, the fund manager needs to use part of his investment as management funds.

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The funds of the fund manager cannot be paid out, nor can they be used as insurance for potential investors.

The fund manager needs to advertise according to the performance of its own account, so that other investors want the fund manager to manage their trading account. These investors will also face a series of conditions detailing how much profit they will retain and how much profit the fund manager will charge. Usually, these are completed through an intermediate foreign exchange brokerage, which will ensure the safety of pamm, but will not be responsible for any losses.

Once fund managers get interested investors, they can start trading in the market. For example, the manager can buy 100 long positions when using the pamm account. The position will be distributed among each sub account according to the net value proportion of each account. This ensures that each account can place orders in proportion.

Benefits of pamm account

Fund managers can benefit from pamm accounts because they can make money not only from their own investments, but also from other investors. Since investors must agree to a series of terms and conditions, both managers and investors have a certain degree of structure and control.

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Investors benefit from pamm accounts operated by experienced traders. If you give your money to an experienced and proven successful person for trading, you will have a greater chance to make money. Investors can also diversify funds and reduce risks by investing in multiple pamms.

It is worth noting that, like any foreign exchange transaction, the risk of investing in pamm is also very high. Please take this into account before participating.