Institutional services

Industry class point difference & Primary liquidity provider

Direct market access with optimal liquidity can be obtained, and transactions can be carried out through ultra-low difference quotations from multiple primary institutions. With advanced aggregation intelligent order routing technology, you can get the optimal level of order execution.

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Institutional liquidity solutions

Rolecoin Limited provides volume execution and liquidity solutions for retail brokers, hedge funds and emerging market banks.

Institutional brokerage business

We have close relationships with Tier 1 banks and non bank liquidity providers, institutional brokers and technology suppliers.

Third party integration

Enter rolecoin Limited's industry partner ecosystem and third-party API integration system to obtain platform and liquidity solutions.

Mechanism API FX & CFD’s

Use the API transaction function of rolecoin limited to open the possibility of real-time transaction without delay. Automate foreign exchange, precious metals and CFD CFD CFD transactions.